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Treasure Hunting!

Treasure Hunting!

Treasure Hunting!

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[Babylon's Gate].

A mythical spell that is said to open a gate, leading to the legendary treasury of the ancient kingdom of Babylon.

Long after the kingdom of Babylon was gone from this world, the treasury still remained.


It had been ransacked. Rotten thieves had come barging in and stolen everything!

The treasury was barely able to hide away 2 artifacts. A book with a strong seal placed on it, and the treasure compass, a mythical item said to point towards the location of heavenly treasures.

The treasury itself is indestructible, and the treasure spirit that runs it was forced to go into hibernation and self-seal himself!

Now, our young protagonist must recover the stolen items of the treasury, long after the incidents that caused its downfall, and with all the world's treasures at hand, uncover the truth behind the very reality he so lives in.