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The Number Five

The Number Five

The Number Five

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A tortured child, living with horrors of the past. after the others risked their life to let the main character have one.

having a life proves more difficult due to his mind in a constant state of blur.

will the main character be able to control the state he is in, or will he be forced down to dirt.

A simple task is seen too hard for him in this new world. not understanding how this world works, also dealing with the confusion of his mind.

he seems that their sacrifice was in vain.

will he ever be able to grasp the surroundings around him?, or will the past experience be too much for him?. that is the daily struggle of Five.

He finally somewhat gets an understanding of his new life,

his past tells him that he is being hunted down.

after finally getting a grasp of his new life he he thrown into another one.

this one seems more connected with him, while roaming around in the world.

Marcus discovers a road leading a to town

this town has too many secrets about it.

the biggest one is a Statue of A man Name Adamsin

will he ever go back to save the rest of the Numbers?.

will his past chose a path for his Future?

one thing is for certain his path was never in his control

or was it?