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The Honeymoon Handbook:Rekindling Romance After ‘I Do’

The Honeymoon Handbook:Rekindling Romance After ‘I Do’

The Honeymoon Handbook:Rekindling Romance After ‘I Do’

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    The Honeymoon Handbook:Rekindling Romance After ‘I Do’
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Leo Starr, a renowned business tycoon, hails from an illustrious family and wields immense wealth and power. In the business world, he is known for his cold and abstinent demeanor. Countless socialites and stunning celebrities have tried to win his heart, but he remains indifferent, earning the nickname “The Emotionless Workaholic.” Leo Starr appears invincible, a cold and unfeeling workaholic who is both admired and feared by many.

However, fate has a way of surprising us. Just when everyone thought he would maintain his icy facade forever, a piece of shocking news shook the business and entertainment circles: Leo Starr had a flash marriage!

One day, paparazzi captured a photo of Leo Starr holding hands with a mysterious woman, suggesting they were already living together. The next moment, Leo Starr personally clarified the rumors: “She’s not a mysterious woman; she’s my wife. Here’s our fan page, remember to check in daily.”

The internet exploded with disbelief. The once cold and abstinent tycoon had transformed into a dispenser of affection, publicly showcasing his love and inviting everyone to join in celebrating their relationship.

Stella Orion, a kind and gentle twenty-one-year-old girl, married Leo Starr following her family’s arrangement. She had anticipated a mundane, perhaps even distant married life. To her surprise, she was treated like a princess.

Whenever she cried, Leo Starr was the first to comfort her. When she was hungry, he personally fed her. Often, he would hold her on his lap, affectionately calling her his “little sweetheart.” This unexpected tenderness left her both surprised and delighted.

As days went by, Stella Orion gradually discovered that Leo Starr was not just her husband but also her long-forgotten first love. They had shared a brief yet beautiful childhood memory, but circumstances had pulled them apart.

One day, Stella Orion anxiously asked, “If we didn’t have this arranged marriage, would we have met again?”

Leo Starr looked at her deeply and replied with unwavering determination, “Yes. I promised you, no matter where you go, I will always find you.”

This is a tale of love, commitment, and eternal devotion. Despite the trials and tribulations, they believe that true love can overcome all obstacles and bring everlasting happiness.