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The Crownless Throne

The Crownless Throne

The Crownless Throne

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Lorelai died from an incurable disease and mysteriously transmigrated into the world of fantasy. A world where she witnessed its entire journey through reading. Possessing the 11th princess of Deborah Kingdom, Lorelai has only ever wanted to live her life longer and in peace, but now she must choose to either run away or seize the throne and become the Queen. But as the royal descendants of the Deborah Kingdom clash for the right to inherit the throne and the kingdoms’ blood-drenched war comes to pass, the mystery of the crownless throne, a long-forgotten throne of the true monarch of Aesteria world, will come to light, posing a great threat to all kingdoms. The arrival of the scion of God, the last ancient blood and flesh, and the true monarch was foretold by the last known ancient guardian alive. Everyone must ensure to not let the chosen one sit foot to the throne, awaken its power and authority, and become the King of all kings. With great power comes great responsibility. Lorelai must consider the impossible, find the chosen one, be on the good side, and seize the throne at once. Even as enemies emerge to threaten her life, the secrets of her birth unravel, and betrayals occur, Lorelai will do what it takes to get what belongs to her for her people and for her happiness.

Kings have honor.

Soldiers have bravery.

And poets have heart.

But all I have is rage