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The Billionaire's Bride Has Secrets!

The Billionaire's Bride Has Secrets!

The Billionaire's Bride Has Secrets!

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When her rich boyfriend abandons her for a heiress, Maddison Lane wants revenge! Unable to follow through with her plans, she drowns her sorrows at the bar only to find herself in the arms of Billionaire Elias King! He gives her an offer she cannot refuse, become his bride and he will help her get revenge on her ex!

But as Maddison and Elias grow closer, hidden secrets begin to surface. Will they survive the obstacles ahead of them? Will Maddison ever find out the truth behind her mother's death? Read on and find out!


“How do you know my name? And who are you?”

The man was looking through a watch case, trying to pick the one that suited him best. He glanced over at Maddison for a second.

“Right, we haven’t introduced ourselves to each other, have we? I’m sorry, let’s start from the top,” He said as he fastened the watch to his wrist.

“My name is Elias, Elias King. And you are Maddison Lane, am I right?” He asked.

He knew her name! Even her surname! But that wasn’t the more shocking part. The name Elias King definitely sounded familiar to her. Where had she heard of it before?

No! Maddison could not believe it!

She slept with billionaire Elias King?!


Hi everyone! This is author ValestriaMoon here! It's been a while since I wrote a new novel, I hope you'll take a look and have a read! Join me on this exciting new journey with Maddison and Elias in a modern world!

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Publishing schedule: Daily chapter until further notice~

Will there be smut? Yes, there will be. :)