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Secret That Lies In The Heart

Secret That Lies In The Heart

Secret That Lies In The Heart

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There's a secret no one wants to hear.

There's a secret no one knows.

There's a secret that is kept in hidden inside of you.

There's a secret that only you know.

There's a secret that the world doesn't believe in.

There's always a second chance,a second start, a second beginning.Bethany who was rumored to be dead was very much alive and well.Her family hated her for a crime she didn't commit.She swore she would avenge them.

Given the opportunity to prove she had moved on from her past relationship she unexpectedly meet an stranger who she knew nothing about.And the worst part is,she's stuck with him,she didn't let him go.

What do she do when he doesn't want to let her go?will she stay with him and fight till the end? Despite the warning signs,she failed to listen and now she's stuck with the devil.

There's always something waiting at the other side of the wall.She knew this and yet she wouldn't give up she was determined.The devil stared at her longer than she expected, what did he want from her.

He calls her different sweet names like sweet,butter, cherry.But he kept it away from her, there's always something that's waiting for you.A secret of the past, a pain of the past you left hidden.

When you suddenly think everything is going well for you but suddenly it's gets revealed.

Yet to come.Yet to fulfill.Yet to see.

He was her devil.He was her lust.He was her desire.

She hated him

She wanted him

She loved him


Bound with him!

Leave him!

Destroy him!