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Rise of Darkness 1

Rise of Darkness 1

Rise of Darkness 1

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Aiden, a poor orphan, found a powerful ring beside a river. Without knowing its true nature, he took it home and put it on, unwittingly triggering a demonic force.

Logan, the leader of the demons, sensed the ring's power and immediately led his monstrous army to invade the human kingdoms. They ravaged and destroyed everything in their path, searching for the ring to resurrect their almighty demonic master.

Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Eldoria had sensed the arrival of this great darkness. The elders devised a treacherous test to determine the seven most worthy candidates to bear the powerful rings of the realm.

They gathered individuals from across the kingdom to compete in this challenging trial.Among the candidates was Lily, the princess of Eldoria and the granddaughter of the king.

Despite the objections of the king and her loved ones, Lily was determined to prove her worth. She passed the test alongside six other capable individuals, who were then tasked with wielding the seven rings to defend the kingdom against the looming demonic threat.

Aiden lost his best friend to the demon invasion and managed to escape, he met a druid name Atlas who taught him magic and Aiden discovered that his father was the heroic light bearer a hero who once defeated a the forces of darkness and save the kingdom of Eldoria from the demons.