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Huo Qianwu was so timid after being killed by Long Chen that she went on the defensive, but she didn't know that when she met someone like Long Chen, once she went on the defensive, it was tantamount to taking the first step towards defeat.

Although Long Chen carved the Open Sky Rune on the Dragon Bone Evil Moon, he only needs to activate the Open Sky Rune to activate the Open Sky at will, and it can be superimposed on each other, almost instantaneously.

But the reason why Dragon Bone Evil Moon helped Long Chen create this move was, on the one hand, to reduce the time for dragon blood to accumulate power, and on the other hand, it was also to use runes as a medium to communicate with Long Chen after he could control the power of his body in the future. The forces merge.

But no matter whether it is the combination of six postures or seven postures, the method of making tricks is not as powerful and domineering as stacking one knife after another.

However, it is too difficult to stack up attacks against strong players. As long as the opponent is a master, it is easy to detect clues and interrupt them.

But if it is not interrupted, there is a huge gap between the intensity of this fusion technique and the tricks released by using runes.

When Long Chen completed the superposition of seven swords, every drop of the dragon's blood in Long Chen's body was sucked away by the power of this sword. On the dragon bone evil moon, the dragon pattern lit up, the flames boiled, and the sword fell down, making the world tremble.

Although the deputy master of the Fire Temple had warned him immediately, it was too late. When Long Chen slashed his sword, Huo Qianwu's soul trembled, and the intense death crisis made her hair stand on end.

This was the first time in her life that she had felt the danger of death. Even before, when Long Chen cut her throat with a knife, she did not feel this way.

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