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Nine Star Hegemon Body Techniques Chapter 4856: Using dirty tricks

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At this time, Cao Guofeng was gnashing his teeth and his murderous intent was soaring. Although Cao Shaoqing's death made him sad, compared to losing the Ten Thousand Blood Banner, Cao Shaoqing seemed so insignificant.

The Ten Thousand Blood Flag, the foundation for the Iron Blood Sect to settle down and survive, was destroyed in this way. It was the Iron Blood Sect's inherited magic weapon and suppressed the Iron Blood Sect's destiny. Its destruction was an unacceptable loss for the Iron Blood Sect.

Previously, he used the power of the blood soul to control the Ten Thousand Blood Flag from a distance. The moment the Thousand Blood Flag collapsed, he was also severely injured.

Although he suppressed the injury on the surface, this disguise could not be concealed from the Heavenly Saint level experts such as Yu Luo, nor could it be concealed from the venomous eyes of Long Chen.

If the previous Long Chen had killed Cao Shaoqing, the matter would have come to an end, but now Long Chen has regained his previous decisiveness in killing, no longer hesitant, let alone looking forward and backward.

Now that we have identified the enemy, we must kill them all, because people like the Iron Blood Sect who have merged with the blood of the blood clan can no longer be called human beings. All the evil blood flows in their bodies.

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