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Nine Star Hegemon Body Techniques Chapter 5354 Breakout

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With a loud bang

, endless waves of air gushed out from Tang Wan'er's sword, and the wind swept across the heavens. Tang Wan'er's wind power only broke out at this time. The

huge force exploded the earth, and the wind formed wind blades, cutting through the void and spreading in all directions. The strong men of the Bone Demon Clan were horrified and hurried to block.

Even the Seven Veins Emperor was repelled by the terrifying air wave. They were very close to the strong men of the Sky Demon Clan, because they were afraid that the strong men of the Sky Demon Clan would make mistakes, so they could rescue them at any time. As a result, they were the first to bear the brunt and greeted the terrifying wind blades.

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