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When that figure appeared, all eyes in the audience were focused on him. This person was the current lord of Fumo City—Xing Wujiang.

The city lord is not hereditary, but the successor selected by Fang Tianyin, and Fang Tianyin's selection method is also very simple and crude. Whoever is the strongest among the five major forces will be the city lord of Fumo City.

It is rumored that Fang Tianyin was a divine weapon of luck from a super power in the ancient times. However, after a bloody battle, that power was severely damaged and due to its own contradictions, it fell apart and formed five major powers.

These five major forces are today's Zichen Sect, Iron Blood Sect, Huangquan Pavilion, Tianxin Palace, and the family represented by Xing Wujiang - the Xing family.

It was rumored that after the great war, the other four major forces left, and the Demon-Suppressing City was under the control of the Xing family. At that time, the Demon-Suppressing City was in its most difficult time.

Fang Tianyin suppressed the evil spirits and was unable to take care of the Xing family. At the same time, the remnants of the evil spirits continued to attack Demon Fu City in an attempt to rescue their ancestors.

The Xing family defended the Demon-Conquering City and fought a bloody battle with the demons for tens of thousands of years. The bloody battle was extremely brutal, but in the end the Xing family survived.

When the demons saw that they could not capture Demon-Conquering City, they finally chose to leave, and the Xing family also got a chance to breathe.

However, at this moment, those who escaped from Demon Fu City came back, claiming to be Fang Tianyin's successors.

The Xing family resented their betrayal and refused to work with them. Seeing that another fratricidal war was about to happen, Fang Tianyin conveyed his divine will, which allowed the Zichen Sect, Iron Blood Sect, Tianxin Palace and Huangquan Pavilion to jointly control Fu Magic city.

The position of city lord can also be held by strong men from various major forces, but there are two conditions: first, the person holding the position must have the bloodline of the original owner of Fang Tianyin, and second, he must pass the test of Fang Tianyin.

First, the leaders of the four major forces are basically satisfied. Although their bloodline is no longer pure, they still retain a trace of it.

The second condition is very harsh. Fang Tianyin's test is extremely astonishing and terrifying. Only Heavenly Saint-level experts are qualified to participate. If he fails, he may lose his life.

But even so, the five major forces are still fiercely competing for the position of city lord. Although there are strong men from each major force who have ascended to the position of city lord, but throughout history, most of the time, people from the Xing family were in charge of Fang Tianyin.

According to Fang Tianyin's rules, one family is the city lord, and the other aristocratic families are the city guards and need to obey the city lord's orders. However, the current city lord Xing Wujiang has no children. As a result, the other four families suddenly felt that an opportunity had come.

According to the rules of Fang Tianyin, people without original bloodline are not qualified to inherit Fang Tianyin. Even if there are other people in the Xing family who have inherited bloodline, their strength is too weak and can be ignored.

In this way, the Xing family is almost extinct, so the position of city lord can only belong to the four of them in the future. Therefore, these four major forces have begun to become more and more unruly, especially when it was recently reported that Xing Wujiang had a physical problem. The performance became more and more intense.

However, when Xing Wujiang really appeared, the four major forces were immediately frightened. Xing Wujiang's appearance did not look like there was a problem at all.

Xing Wujiang was sitting in his own seat. He was the only one in the huge stand. He looked a little lonely, but it still gave people endless pressure.

Xing Wujiang didn't say a word from the moment he appeared until he sat down. He didn't even take off his bamboo hat. No one could see his face clearly.

However, Long Chen's heart suddenly shook. He felt the sword-like eyes looking at him from under the bamboo hat. At that moment, the dragon's blood, purple blood and seven-color supreme blood in his body became restless.

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