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Nine Star Hegemon Body Techniques Chapter 4838 Arena No. 21

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Long Chen killed Hu Yifei, and everyone was shocked. They were shocked not only by Long Chen's ability to kill Hu Yifei, but also by the carelessness with which Long Chen killed Hu Yifei. It felt like killing a chicken.

Although Hu Yifei is not the top expert in Fumo City, he is still considered a famous person among the younger generation of geniuses.

However, in front of Long Chen, he had no room for resistance. Even the strongest blow was crushed by Long Chen. This shows that the gap between the two is huge.

Now, after Long Chen killed Hu Yifei, he targeted Cao Shaoqing of the Iron-Blooded Sect. He was the direct grandson of the Iron-Blooded Sect's leader. Not only was he distinguished in status, but his strength was also unfathomable. Long Chen actually directly challenged him.

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