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New Life: Hero Retirement

New Life: Hero Retirement

New Life: Hero Retirement

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The Hero Party defeated humanity's ultimate enemy, the Crimson Dragon ruler of the Black Lands of Volkath. Arthur, Leonard, Charlie, Constance, and Elizabeth were crowned Knights of the Divine Legion by the Celestalis Empire.

Leonard and Elizabeth were severely injured in their fight against the Crimson Dragon. Elizabeth was cursed, while Leonard received a heavenly grace for defeating the Crimson Dragon.


[You received a heavenly grace]

[Ability: Reality Warping]

[Description: Ability to change, create, or erase reality.]

Leonard recovered after successfully warping reality. However, Leonard's ability could not change the reality that the heavenly curse affected Elizabeth.

The ancient book says a powerful way to cure Elizabeth's illness is by using the white petals of a rare flower called Athanor.