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Marriage Contract With My Supreme Alpha

Marriage Contract With My Supreme Alpha

Marriage Contract With My Supreme Alpha

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    Marriage Contract With My Supreme Alpha
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06-14 10:20:50

Everly never thought her life would change so much by merely marrying Ivan, a man she barely knew. She had tied the knot with him in an attempt to save her ill mother, but what she wasn’t aware of, was what this man, Ivan Smirnov, truly was. A being beyond something she’d never for once imagined in her life.

Just a few days into the marriage, tragedy struck.

Everly's mother was cold bloodedly murdered in the hospital and as far as things had appeared, there seemed to be a possibility of Ivan being connected to the whole incident—a connection that Everly herself may not be willing to believe nor accept.

As the dig into the case went deeper, she struggled with mixed feelings for him, in between her attraction and his secrets.

What happens when Everly discovers what this man, her soulmate, was? Would she flee or be with him? And would she ever learn to love him or will she find herself in regret?

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