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Make Everything in the tribe LEVEL UP

Make Everything in the tribe LEVEL UP

Make Everything in the tribe LEVEL UP

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“I can level up everything within my tribe!”

“I can level up myself and everything I touch in my tribe—animals, objects, and even the environment!”

“What?! I’ll be too strong for the tribe and it won't be able to keep up!?”

“I need to level up and develop my tribe too so I can continue leveling up!?”

“I cannot be overpowered without it!!? I will find a way!”

Lafran reincarnated far into the future, finding Earth transformed by an earth-shattering event that hurled the planet from the Milky Way into an unknown Eldritch galaxy.

This event triggered destructive changes in every living creature, from insects to animals, due to Eldren mana. As society collapsed and conflicts arose, the planet descended into chaos, with its inhabitants oblivious to the dangers lurking beyond this unknown galaxy.

After fourteen years, Lafran was on the brink of entering adolescence, a phase where peace and safety from the tribe would no longer prevail for him as he and the others would soon be entrusted with dangerous responsibilities within the tribe.

One day, while feeding his favorite Doeling or female goat a sound resounded.

[ Ding!

[ You have chosen the doeling to level up! ]

With a mysterious golden finger, Lafran discovers he has the unique ability to level up anything within his tribe.