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Love Me, Mr. Archer [BL]

Love Me, Mr. Archer [BL]

Love Me, Mr. Archer [BL]

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A posh boy and a ‘no fucks given’ Billionaire. 

A brat and a dom.


When his grandfather passed away, Brandon knew he had to do everything to make sure that his family company was in good hands, and by good hands, he meant his. 

But it was not only him who thought so, his grandfather had already read arrangements to make sure that everything went accordingly, and one of the conditions in his well, every grandchild had to work in a different country, in a different company for three years without being fired and without any additional pay from their parents. 

Brandon had America as his share and he was quite happy about it. Until he met Killian Archer, the CEO of a group of industries.

Also someone Brandon found everywhere he went. 

As the days to fulfill the condition fly by and Killian and Brandon get closer, things start to blend in and at the same time, break apart. With the sudden presence of the faces from the past and Brandon’s doubt about his sexuality, would he actually be able to receive unconditional love for once? 

[ Morally gray hero, dark romance, hero obsessed, boys love, LGBTQ+, gay romance, romance]