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Live My Next Life to The Fullest

Live My Next Life to The Fullest

Live My Next Life to The Fullest

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With little opportunity to experience life to the fullest, Layla was born into a poor household and spent her entire life working in order to care for her basic needs. She eventually overworked herself to death.

When she opened her eyes, she imagined being greeted by an angel who would accompany her to paradise and expecting to see nothing but white clouds around. Instead, she woke up in a luxurious bedroom that was ten times larger than her studio apartment.

That wasn't all, either! In the mirror, she noticed a reflection that wasn't hers.

She possessed a different body and eventually accept her faith.

The persona she was inhabiting was Ophelia Lockhart, a socially awkward beauty who spent the most of her life in a massive mansion.

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