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Emperor Raven: the cursed prince

Emperor Raven: the cursed prince

Emperor Raven: the cursed prince

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Prince Raven was just five when the mark of the demon was found on him. According to the law of the kingdom, any one with the mark must be killed and burned immediately but the king refuses to sacrifice his only son which leads to his death and that of his wife. Prince Raven was able to survive with his younger sister.

Another king takes over the kingdom and they soon forget about the cursed prince.

Prince Raven didn't forget about the kingdom at all, in fact he vows to make the whole kingdom pay for the death of his parents.

Due to his power, he was able to make his own kingdom, it was filled with strong and powerful people and they were feared by other kingdoms because they never lost at war.

Prince Raven finally visits his father's kingdom in order to carry out his revenge and the first step is taking.

Arizona the youngest and most precious daughter of the king, she was just twenty years old then.

So now the question is

How is the young girl going to cope with living with the cursed Prince?

“What is the emperor's plan for his little bride?

How did Emperor Raven carry out his revenge plan?