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Dragonborn Saga Chapter 9 Two Mothers

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Brynjolf ran towards the canal and started looking for Jon, a moment later Jon swam up and was a bit dizzy.

Working the whole morning, chasing a thief through the city, jumping from a high rooftop to a deep canal while shouting a War Cry certainly took a toll on a 10 years old child, even though his mental age is about 35, it could only add to the burden on the body.

Brynjolf fished the dizzy boy out from the canal and carried him back.

The four kids from the orphanage caught up to Brynjolf and took the already passed out Jon from him.

Wulfur carried Jon and the girls took the purse, they kept it away from peoples sight, Jons War Cry didnt scare them as he did not consider them to be hostile.

On the rooftop the thieves were already at the brink of losing their souls, Sibbi who was the target of the War Cry was experiencing true terror, he was going to have PTSD after this for sure.

One must know that War Cry is a racial skill only gained by Nords. Through it, warriors could conjure all their fighting spirit and bloodlust, then manifest it into a thunderous cry. The cry can devastate the morale of any weaker enemies and would make normal people faint from terror.

Only strong warriors could make this cry, Ulfric Storm-Cloak the Jarl of Eastmarch and Kodlak Whitemane the Harbinger of the Companions were known living figures who were witnessed shouting a War Cry.

For a small kid from an orphanage to use such a skill, his future is certainly that of a great warrior, when the Companions hear of this, they would send their people to invite him to join.

Outside Skyrim there were mercenary guilds but in Skyrim there were the Companions, They are one of Skyrims four guilds in game and they are those people who come out to solve problems when the coin is right, they avoided political conflicts, so instead of calling them mercenaries they better to be called Adventurers.

The legend of Ysgramor and his 500 companions is a basic knowledge for all Nords.

A warrior from a faraway continent in the north was. He is one of the most legendary heroes of Men, who played a pivotal role in the ascendency of humans on the continent of Tamriel, but thats a story we will continue in another time.

Back to the present and few meters away from the passed out Jon, Hilda and Nurina stared at each other while Delvin was holding his forehead, he looked to both

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