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100 Days With My Trainer.

100 Days With My Trainer.

100 Days With My Trainer.

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“I can't do us any more, have you seen yourself? Who would want to be with a fat loser like you?”

Julie was a poor and overweight college professor at a college that had fallen in love with a rich athlete. Her relationship was nothing but happy as her fiancé. Christopher, always mocked her for an appearance, calling her all sorts of names to diminish her self-worth. Despite the constant shame, she still did everything she could to love him.

Until he broke off their relationship.

Depressed, and without an ounce of energy, she finds a contest hosted by a professional athlete. He was giving people the opportunity to buy him for 100 days to be a personal trainer at a hefty fee. Julie couldnt miss out on it, and she was lucky enough to win. But with a body like hers, it was nearly impossible for Aaron to resist the curves of his new client, resorting to unprofessional ways to get her to lose weight.

“Coach…” she moaned, “I can't feel my legs…” she whimpered.

“I know, just keep them open.” he held her in that position until all the inches were in.